A Town with a Rich History

Extract from the 1917-18 Sidmouth Town Guide:


Sidmouth A Town with a Rich HistoryThe Place and the People

This sunny little Devon town, which may, without flight of fancy, be likened to the home of a modern parallel of the Goddess Hygéia, stands in a perfectly ideal situation.

It is located in the centre of beautifully wooded scenery, its south front touched by the waters of a great bay, stretching eastward from Start Point, on the extreme south coast of the county, as far as Portland Bill, in the the county of Dorset.

Sidmouth nestles in an inner bay, between two great rocky formations of bright and varied tint, their caps clothed in brilliant green turf. Far away inland stretch lovely hills and fertile valleys through which wind picturesque roads, lanes and streams, the flower-decked landscape basking for the greater part of the year in soft sunshine, or under skies whose tints and tones rival the variant glories of the Tropics. 

A Sidmouth sunset, with its splendid ever-changing tints - gold, turquoise, crimson, emerald and violet - is a spectacle to linger in the mind for a lifetime.